Agilysys Increases Software Deployment Efficiency

Agilysys knew that as their business continued to grow, in order to maintain their high standards of quality, while at the same time staying ahead of their customer needs, they would need to find and implement a software change management solution that more closely met their requirements.

Nirav Patel, Director of Software Development for Agilysys Hospitality Solutions Division, explained that his team builds new features into their software products, and deploy changes out to their customers on an on-going basis.

But there were multiple problems in their existing change management environment:

  • LANSA development was not supported
  • Agile development methodology processes were not supported
  • Concerns regarding stability of deployment from one environment to another
  • Manpower required to maintain the development cycle and deploy releases to the customer was excessive

The current system was so inefficient, that it took the Agilysys deployment engineer eight to ten hours to deploy a total of 12 software changes from one environment to the next.  At that rate, it was difficult for the engineer to keep up with the volume of changes, not to mention the pressures of a mounting work load.

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