Application Modernization Tooling

The organization intends to keep their mature and stable applications built on the solid IBM i and RPG architecture. However, they need to keep in mind that the web and mobile enablement is a significant factor for enterprises' agility and adaptability to changing customer needs and market conditions. Modernization tools can combine those two worlds and enable robust legacy applications to work in the modern web and mobile environments. In addition, such speedier and more user-friendly enterprise software improves IT efficiency, cuts IT costs, mitigates risk and allows quicker alignment of business critical software to change business needs.

IBM i modernization solutions

  • Re-hosting - service migrates existing legacy applications to alternative platforms leaving them largely untouched. Re-hosting provides cost savings and reduces risk by quickly and safely transferring applications to modern platforms and technologies, and provides for continued 100 percent utilization of existing applications. 


  • Automated modernization – transforming the legacy applications into the new technology (other platforms - eg .NET, databases, languages - Java, PHP) while keeping the application functionality and business rules in place.

A multi-way approach

  • Web enablement - enhance the look and feel of your legacy software and improve the overall usability of the system by building intuitive and sophisticated interfaces and improving an application’s user experience.


  • Mobile enablement – provide the ‘anywhere, anytime’ and secure access to your data by making your IBM i applications available on mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones. 

Does it fit your modernization strategy?

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