TD/OMS Change Management[edit]

With TD/OMS, application management is easier, more efficient, and as a result, more economical.

  • The complete process, starting with incident registration and ending with the installation of changed software in the operational environments, can be managed. You have a fully integrated solution at your disposal.
  • TD/OMS does not require a different development method. So it can be implemented in any organization in a short period.
  • The managers do have, at any time, a complete view of the outstanding requests, tasks, and programmer workload. Each request and task includes the status, priority, and documentation.
  • The built-in cross-reference facilities, with its extensive browsing option, clarifies the application structure and diminishes failures because of overlooked objects.
  • You can define any application management structure. This makes TD/OMS suitable for any organization.
  • The application definitions are directing the complete maintenance process. This eliminates any operational errors. TD/OMS supports a preventive way of working instead of a reactive one.
  • TD/OMS contains a historic view of all requests and forthcoming changes.
  • Interfaces are available for many popular third-party systems.

TD/OMS controls the complete application management process from an administrative and technical point of view.