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Compile Options

The parameter/options for the compile command can be set globally and for each member separately.

A static text can be passed as compile options but the editor also supports placeholders/variables. These placeholders have the following syntax:


The compile option OPTION(*EVENTF) is needed for retrieving the compile result from the server.

Connection Properties

Values that were defined in the properties.

  • object_library (The object library)


    SRCFILE(*LIBL/${fileName}) SRCMBR(${name}) PGM(${object_library}/${name}) OPTION(*EVENTF)

Member Description Properties

Properties from the member description can be used as placeholders in the compile options.

  • changeDate
  • creationDate
  • lastUsedDate
  • fileName
  • library (member library)
  • name
  • textDescription
  • daysUsed
  • restoreDate
  • saveDate
  • attribute


    SRCFILE(*LIBL/${fileName}) SRCMBR(${name}) PGM(${name}) OPTION(*EVENTF)

For stream files there are some additional placeholders:

  • streamfile — name of the stream file (including the suffix of the file)
  • basename — name of the stream file without the suffix
  • ifspath — absolute path of the stream file

Java System Properties

Java system properties can also be used as placeholders. For adding Java system properties to MiWorkplace the miworkplace.ini file needs to be edited. See Eclipse Start Parameters, section VM Args.

Environment Variables

Environment variables can also be used as placeholders.