I lost my changes. Can I recover?[edit]

You can. We keep source versions in the workspace of MiWorkplace. The workspace location is located by default in the user directory:

(Replace _YOUR_PROFILE_ for your user profile.)

 E.g. c:\users\_YOUR_PROFILE_\miworkplace\workspace

Inside the workspace is a .plugins directory with an entry for the editor bundle:


Inside this directory, you will find versions of your previous edit sessions.

Any downloaded sources are also available in


The outline is not working[edit]

In some cases, Miworkplace gets confused about the type of source. For example when you mix RPG FREE with RPG FIXED.

MiWorkplace is not too fond of RPG FIXED format and the outline for fixed is minimal (files, copy members, and subroutines). MiWorkplace knows more about Free-format. RPG.