Server Requirements[edit]

  • OS Version: >= V5R4M0
  • Started TCP Servers:
    • as-svrmap (449)
    • as-signon (8476)
    • as-rmtcmd (8475)
    • drda (446)
    • as-netprt (8474)
    • as-file (8473)

Here is a link to the server ports of the IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen:

A good way to check if the servers are up and running is to use


and check if the corresponding local ports are used.

Testing the availability and reachability of a service from the desktop can be done with the telnet command. In Windows, telnet needs to be switched on with the "Turn Windows features on and off".

telnet myserver 8475

In this way, you can check if a socket connection can be established from the desktop (or notebook).