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New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the new and noteworthy pages. The current version is 1.27.0

New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.28.0 (Upcoming)

E042 - Compile support for CBL and SQL Default compile commands were added for Cobol and SQL. The commands can be customized in the MiWorkplace preferences.

Miw 1 28 0 cobolsql.png

E039 - Allow regular expression in search the search dialog now supports regular expressions in the search and the replace text. Also a message is shown if the search term could not be found.

Miw 1 28 0 regex.gif

00098 - Add files to RPG outline Files have been added to the fixed form outline.

Miw 1 28 0 outline.png

E038 - Please add a compile button at the top of the screen Compile can be activated with the context menu or toolbar item. Compile can always be triggered with the CTRL+SHIFT+C shortcut key.

Miw 1 28 0 compile.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

E038 - Please add a compile button at the top of the screen
This has been fixed
00097 - Select compile, the compile starts before the save is complete
We found a regression where the compile did not wait for the save to complete. This has been fixed.
00093 - Outline does not work for lowercase h specs
The outline view could get confused in some situations. This has been fixed.
00096 - When saving a member in a file with length 112, a truncation message is received.
Trailing whitespace characters in a line could give a false truncate warning. This has been solved.
00095 - Outline in CLLE always expands after being collapsed
The outline view would always expand in the CL editor. This has been fixed. If you collapse a tree node, it will not expand after something has been changed in the outline.
00027 - MiWorkplace CL syntax highlighting
Some of the syntax highlighting in CL was not right. e.g. the DCL part of CRTBNDCL is treated as the DCL CL keyword. Similar issues with the PGM keyword within commands such as CRTSRVPGM and when part of a parameter value such as OBJTYPE(*PGM). This has been fixed.
00091 - MiW hangs when the host does not exist
When the IP of the host does not exist, MiW hangs for a long time. Also, the context menu is then unusable because the connection is attempted again trying to evaluate the availability of an action. This was fixed by failing early and not trying a reconnect on a context menu action.
00090 - IFS filter does not allow > 10 directory names
The directories filter did not allow directory filters larger than 10 positions

New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.27.0

E035 - Allow to paste the library list The library list widget now makes it possible to paste the library list that was copied from the green screen. Do not use the PASTE shortcut (CTRL+V) but use the context menu.

Miw pastelibl.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

00084 - MiWorkplace - spool files
The most recent spooled files would not show because of a mismatch between the users local date and the systems date
00085 - Can't reconnect after disconnect
After disconnect, the system does not allow to log back in. This has been fixed.
00086 - Loop in logging when logging view open
A log message was flooding the log. This has been fixed.

New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.26.0

00068 - Unclear compilation failure messages After compilation, especially with a user program, it is sometimes not clear if the compile failed or not.

The actual compile failure is now visible in the notification. Also, all messages are clearly logged in the error log, and the job log of the remote connection can be viewed from the connection.

Below is an example of a user compile program that compiles a unit test and then runs it (and fails).

The reason for the failure is shown in the first notification.

Miw compile issue.png

However, MiWorkplace thinks that the compile part succeeded because there are no records in the event file.

Miw compile issue2.png

E035 - Allow to paste the library list A list of comma or space separated libraries can now be added in the entry field of the library list editor.

E305 liblist01.png

You may also copy the library list from the green screen and paste it in the field. However, since the copying from the green screen contains special character, you need to use the "Paste" context menu as shown below.

E305 liblist02.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

00069 - Problems with remote search in German language
Remote search does not work because the remote translation properties were not synchronized. This has been fixed.

New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.25.0

E014 - Shortcut to increase/decrease font size Quickly increase and decrease the font size of the editor by pressing the CTRL+PLUS and the CTRL+MINUS key combinations.

Miw zoominout.gif

00065 - Search next and previous (CTRL+K / CTRL+SHIFT+K) Search next and previous shortcuts (CTRL+K and CTRL+SHIFT+K) only worked in combination with the search dialog (CTRL+F). Now they also work standalone.

Just select a piece of text and press CTRL+K or CTRL+SHIFT+K to search the document quickly.

Miw quicksearch.gif

E026 - Edit library list from connection You can now directly edit the library list by right-clicking on the connection and choosing Library List...

Miw editlibl.gif

00022 - Integrate MiWorkplace with TD/OMS TD/OMS now comes with MiWorkplace integration that is on the same level as the integration with RDi for all functions supported by MiWorkplace.
  • Open MiWorkplace Editor when editing
  • Use MiWorkplace compile results
  • Put the item in the build queue on saving
  • Open editors in browse mode when not in development
  • Reset the library list based on the task at hand

E019 - Job list selection of current user and subsystem The job view filters allow the selection of the current user. This enables you to list jobs that run on behalf of a user. It is also possible to filter on jobs in a specific subsystem.

Miw nnjobfltr.png

00028 - IFS Search The remote search is now available from the explorer context menu. Also, it enables IFS search by adding two flavors of grep as a search engine. The old-style QSH grep when the open-source tooling has not been installed or the new QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/grep. For more information about the new search capabilities, see the Remote Search and the Remote Search Result chapters.

Miw nnsearch.png

Q004 - MiWorkplace filtering A flexible filtering system was added, enabling you to define categorized filters for the QSYS and IFS file systems. Filter categories can be toggled on and off together.
  • The filter icon will open the filter management dialog.
  • Filters can be imported and exported.
  • The relevant help section can be found in the Remote Explorer/Filters section.

Miw nnfilter.png

E020 - Job view enhancements The Job view is enhanced to make it easier to work with jobs:
  • Automatically prepare common filters if none are found
  • Show filter criteria in the job filter
  • Make filters available across all connections
  • Automatically load a filter after it is created
  • Add icons to job view context menu
  • Refresh will also populate the filters

Miw nnjobview.png

The improved job messages view:

Miw nnjobmsgview.png

00047 - Toggle between IFS and QSYS A switch to toggle between the IFS and QSys objects has been added to the toolbar.

Miw nntoggleifs.gif

E017 - Library List editing The libraries and library lists widgets in the connection dialog now allow positioning of the libraries in the list using drag and drop.

Miw newconn w 3.png

00043 - Add multiple libraries You can now add libraries to an active connection. You can also add multiple libraries in one go.

Miw nnaddlibls.gif

Other issues/enhancements resolved

00006 - Compile result points to source in QTEMP
The compile results view would show an error when an SQLRPG precompile fails and the event file entry pointed to a source in QTEMP. QTEMP locations are now mapped back to the original source.
E027 - Keep last selected text if nothing was selected before CTRL+F
If nothing is selected, the search value was empty after pressing CTRL+F. Instead of making it empty, the previous search value is retained.
00066 - Find dialog does not know about edit switch
If the find/replace panel is open and one switched to another source file, the find did not work on the new source file.
E026 - Edit library list from connection
The library list can now be changed on the fly.
00060 - MiWorkplace cannot handle unreliable connections
The UI could behave badly when the connection was dropped. This was changed. MiW will now silently resume the connection (if possible).
00023 - Source line modification date
Source change date in the source line was not preserved. This was fixed.
00028 - Remote Search does not search in IFS
MiWorkplace is now able to search the IFS with grep
E023 - Preferences should broadcast an event on save
Plugin developers can now react to events broadcasted by the preferences API
E022 - Include context-sensitive help
Now, you can press F1 anywhere in MiWorkplace to get context-sensitive help. Besides, the manual is now available using the Help menu.
E021 - Switch to platform debug
We are switching away from LogService logging to platform logging.
00050 - Dropped Connection opens an empty member
When the connection is wonky, the editor might open empty. This is unwanted. We now show an error page with instructions
00049 - MiWorkplace is not visually updated after an update
A mechanism is provided to refresh MiWorkplace automatically after updates were made.
00015 - Search and Remote Search randomly disappear.
The remote search menu would randomly disappear. This has been fixed.
00029 - MiWorkplace save file option not always available
Sometimes, with multiple editors open, the save icon would not be active when an editor became *dirty.
00042 - Notification does not look good in the dark theme
Fixed the appearance of the notification window
E010 - Remote search options
Remote search now fills in the selected object. Additionally, the search can be started from the context menu.
0013 - Search results have misplaced highlights
The search line highlight was dark over dark, and the highlight was not positioned correctly. This has been fixed.