New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.25.0[edit]

E014 - Shortcut to increase/decrease font size Quickly increase and decrease the font size of the editor by pressing the CTRL+PLUS and the CTRL+MINUS key combinations.

Miw zoominout.gif

00065 - Search next and previous (CTRL+K / CTRL+SHIFT+K) Search next and previous shortcuts (CTRL+K and CTRL+SHIFT+K) only worked in combination with the search dialog (CTRL+F). Now they also work standalone.

Just select a piece of text and press CTRL+K or CTRL+SHIFT+K to search the document quickly.

Miw quicksearch.gif

E026 - Edit library list from connection You can now directly edit the library list by right-clicking on the connection and choosing Library List...

Miw editlibl.gif

00022 - Integrate MiWorkplace with TD/OMS TD/OMS now comes with MiWorkplace integration that is on the same level as the integration with RDi for all functions supported by MiWorkplace.
  • Open MiWorkplace Editor when editing
  • Use MiWorkplace compile results
  • Put the item in the build queue on saving
  • Open editors in browse mode when not in development
  • Reset the library list based on the task at hand

E019 - Job list selection of current user and subsystem The job view filters allow the selection of the current user. This enables you to list jobs that run on behalf of a user. It is also possible to filter on jobs in a specific subsystem.

Miw nnjobfltr.png

00028 - IFS Search The remote search is now available from the explorer context menu. Also, it enables IFS search by adding two flavors of grep as a search engine. The old-style QSH grep when the open-source tooling has not been installed or the new QOpenSys/pkgs/bin/grep. For more information about the new search capabilities, see the Remote Search and the Remote Search Result chapters.

Miw nnsearch.png

Q004 - MiWorkplace filtering A flexible filtering system was added, enabling you to define categorized filters for the QSYS and IFS file systems. Filter categories can be toggled on and off together.
  • The filter icon will open the filter management dialog.
  • Filters can be imported and exported.
  • The relevant help section can be found in the Remote Explorer/Filters section.

Miw nnfilter.png

E020 - Job view enhancements The Job view is enhanced to make it easier to work with jobs:
  • Automatically prepare common filters if none are found
  • Show filter criteria in the job filter
  • Make filters available across all connections
  • Automatically load a filter after it is created
  • Add icons to job view context menu
  • Refresh will also populate the filters

Miw nnjobview.png

The improved job messages view:

Miw nnjobmsgview.png

00047 - Toggle between IFS and QSYS A switch to toggle between the IFS and QSys objects has been added to the toolbar.

Miw nntoggleifs.gif

E017 - Library List editing The libraries and library lists widgets in the connection dialog now allow positioning of the libraries in the list using drag and drop.

Miw newconn w 3.png

00043 - Add multiple libraries You can now add libraries to an active connection. You can also add multiple libraries in one go.

Miw nnaddlibls.gif

Other issues/enhancements resolved[edit]

00006 - Compile result points to source in QTEMP
The compile results view would show an error when an SQLRPG precompile fails and the event file entry pointed to a source in QTEMP. QTEMP locations are now mapped back to the original source.
E027 - Keep last selected text if nothing was selected before CTRL+F
If nothing is selected, the search value was empty after pressing CTRL+F. Instead of making it empty, the previous search value is retained.
00066 - Find dialog does not know about edit switch
If the find/replace panel is open and one switched to another source file, the find did not work on the new source file.
E026 - Edit library list from connection
The library list can now be changed on the fly.
00060 - MiWorkplace cannot handle unreliable connections
The UI could behave badly when the connection was dropped. This was changed. MiW will now silently resume the connection (if possible).
00023 - Source line modification date
Source change date in the source line was not preserved. This was fixed.
00028 - Remote Search does not search in IFS
MiWorkplace is now able to search the IFS with grep
E023 - Preferences should broadcast an event on save
Plugin developers can now react to events broadcasted by the preferences API
E022 - Include context-sensitive help
Now, you can press F1 anywhere in MiWorkplace to get context-sensitive help. Besides, the manual is now available using the Help menu.
E021 - Switch to platform debug
We are switching away from LogService logging to platform logging.
00050 - Dropped Connection opens an empty member
When the connection is wonky, the editor might open empty. This is unwanted. We now show an error page with instructions
00049 - MiWorkplace is not visually updated after an update
A mechanism is provided to refresh MiWorkplace automatically after updates were made.
00015 - Search and Remote Search randomly disappear.
The remote search menu would randomly disappear. This has been fixed.
00029 - MiWorkplace save file option not always available
Sometimes, with multiple editors open, the save icon would not be active when an editor became *dirty.
00042 - Notification does not look good in the dark theme
Fixed the appearance of the notification window
E010 - Remote search options
Remote search now fills in the selected object. Additionally, the search can be started from the context menu.
0013 - Search results have misplaced highlights
The search line highlight was dark over dark, and the highlight was not positioned correctly. This has been fixed.