New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.26.0[edit]

00068 - Unclear compilation failure messages After compilation, especially with a user program, it is sometimes not clear if the compile failed or not.

The actual compile failure is now visible in the notification. Also, all messages are clearly logged in the error log, and the job log of the remote connection can be viewed from the connection.

Below is an example of a user compile program that compiles a unit test and then runs it (and fails).

The reason for the failure is shown in the first notification.

Miw compile issue.png

However, MiWorkplace thinks that the compile part succeeded because there are no records in the event file.

Miw compile issue2.png

E035 - Allow to paste the library list A list of comma or space separated libraries can now be added in the entry field of the library list editor.

E305 liblist01.png

You may also copy the library list from the green screen and paste it in the field. However, since the copying from the green screen contains special character, you need to use the "Paste" context menu as shown below.

E305 liblist02.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved[edit]

00069 - Problems with remote search in German language
Remote search does not work because the remote translation properties were not synchronized. This has been fixed.