New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.28.0[edit]

00104 - Recover from local history A classic that has been refactored. If you have lost your source in some way, or if you want to roll back to a previous version, you can use the "Local History" to restore a previous version. Local versions are saved every time you save the remote member. So save often!

Just right-click a member in the Remote Explorer and choose "Local History".

Miw 1 28 0 localhistory.png

E041 - Using remote search, allow double click on program name to open the member. Double-clicking on the member did not open the member. Also clicking on the line for the first time, did not go to the line.

Miw 1 28 0 search.gif

E042 - Compilation improvements The compile commands can now be prompted. Also the default compile set can be restored from the preferences. Lastly, the CTRL+SPACE completion in the prompt dialog was improved.

Miw 1 28 0 compile2.png

E042 - Compile support for CBL and SQL Default compile commands were added for Cobol and SQL. The commands can be customized in the MiWorkplace preferences.

Miw 1 28 0 cobolsql.png

E039 - Allow regular expression in search the search dialog now supports regular expressions in the search and the replace text. Also a message is shown if the search term could not be found.

Miw 1 28 0 regex.gif

00098 - Add files to RPG outline Files have been added to the fixed form outline.

Miw 1 28 0 outline.png

E038 - Please add a compile button at the top of the screen Compile can be activated with the context menu or toolbar item. Compile can always be triggered with the CTRL+SHIFT+C shortcut key.

Miw 1 28 0 compile.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved[edit]

00105 - Remote system is not created for pub400
The remote system was not created for pub400 due to a regression that occurred after not showing the welcome page anymore. This was fixed.
E041 - Remote search, allow double click on program name to open the member
Double-clicking on the filename in the remote search result would not open the member. This has been solved.
E038 - Please add a compile button at the top of the screen
This has been fixed
00097 - Select compile, the compile starts before the save is complete
We found a regression where the compile did not wait for the save to complete. This has been fixed.
00093 - Outline does not work for lowercase h specs
The outline view could get confused in some situations. This has been fixed.
00096 - When saving a member in a file with length 112, a truncation message is received.
Trailing whitespace characters in a line could give a false truncate warning. This has been solved.
00095 - Outline in CLLE always expands after being collapsed
The outline view would always expand in the CL editor. This has been fixed. If you collapse a tree node, it will not expand after something has been changed in the outline.
00027 - MiWorkplace CL syntax highlighting
Some of the syntax highlighting in CL was not right. e.g. the DCL part of CRTBNDCL is treated as the DCL CL keyword. Similar issues with the PGM keyword within commands such as CRTSRVPGM and when part of a parameter value such as OBJTYPE(*PGM). This has been fixed.
00091 - MiW hangs when the host does not exist
When the IP of the host does not exist, MiW hangs for a long time. Also, the context menu is then unusable because the connection is attempted again trying to evaluate the availability of an action. This was fixed by failing early and not trying a reconnect on a context menu action.
00090 - IFS filter does not allow > 10 directory names
The directories filter did not allow directory filters larger than 10 positions