New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.29.0[edit]

E212 - Repeat comment characters CTRL+ENTER will now examine if the current line is a comment line. If this is the case then the line will be split in a new comment line.

Miw 1 29 0 splitcom.gif

Q012 - Provide details of changes in new revisions A Whats new? button has been added to the version checker. It will bring you to the release notes page.

Miw 1 29 0 whatsnew.png

E036 - ability to prompt source statements Long overdue, but we have finally implemented prompting 🎉. The prompting behavior is the same as in the green screen.

Miw 1 29 0 prompt.png

00111 - Support Apple ARM (M1) technology Support for Apple Silicon (ARM/M1) architecture was added. Downloads can be found here.

Miw 1 29 0 macm1.png

E046 Add COBOL to list when right click add new member The list of member types when adding a new member has been expanded. The last entered member type is now remembered and custom types are added to the list automatically. Manually added member types can be removed by resetting the list.

Miw 1 29 0 mbra.png

E044 - Include debugging files with MiWorkplace We now include the debugging framework. This was previously not possible due to licensing issues. A separate download is no longer required. Jus right-click and start your debug.

Miw 1 29 0 debug.png

Other issues[edit]

00114 - Duplicate Search and History options
When exiting the program abnormally, some menu entries were not removed from the menu and appeared as duplicate entries. This was fixed.

00123 - Member not refreshed when an attribute changes remotely
When a member's attribute is changed remotely (e.g. CLLE) then it is not seen as a change when F5 is pressed on the member in MiWorkplace. This was fixed.

00112 Setting the library list fails silently
If the library list could not be set then this would fail silently. Now a message box will show the reason for the failure.

00105 - Remote system is not created for pub400
The remote system was not created for pub400 due to a regression that occurred after repressing the subsequent opening of the welcome page.

00121 - MiW is not using the correct compiler command.
Some compile commands were not correctly filled in the new settings. Notably, CLP sources could not be compiled anymore. This was fixed.