New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.31.0[edit]

E053 - Add support for SEU source colors We have added support for retaining the control characters that control the coloring of source lines in 5250 editors. The new behavior must be switched on in the MiWorkplace Preferences.


MiWorkplace uses special Unicode characters to represent the various attributes:

≂ - \U2242    Green                                         

≃ - \U2243    Green/Reverse Image                           

≄ - \U2244    White                                         


You can read the manual for more information...

Other issues[edit]

00141 - The outline does not show files correctly
In RPGLE Fixed format, the filename of 10 positions would not display correctly in the outline. This has been fixed.
00142 - Editors are opening in the wrong place
When the outline is dragged out of the main window and docked back again in the editor area, the program cannot find the correct part stack anymore to open files. Instead, the editor would open in a random spot. This has been fixed.