New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.32.1[edit]

00154 - Upgrading to a new release, fails. We have released 1.32.1 to remedy this. The internal upgrade mechanism was broken, and some could not upgrade to the latest release. The issue does not always show, but if it does, the upgrade must be done by downloading a fresh copy of MiWorkplace from

After download:

  1. Close MiWorkplace
  2. Rename the old MiWorkplace program folder (not the workspace)
  3. Unzip and make rename the unzipped directory to the original one from the previous step
  4. Start MiWorkplace
  5. Re-install any plugins you have added manually, like DBeaver, etc...

New and Noteworthy in MiWorkplace V1.32.0[edit]

E240 Display stream file properties in Properties view Support was added for IFS file properties.


00146 - Find (Ctrl F) opens on a different display is too big We gave the search function some love and we fixed the following:
  • The size of the dialog will now maintain the last resized size.
  • The Find dialog will now be placed on the monitor where the find was started
  • Replace All will replace in one go. CTRL+Z will completely undo the replacement.
  • Pressing CTRL while pressing find will reverse the search direction
  • Replace in selected lines was not working and has been fixed


Other issues resolved[edit]

01840 - Keyword *CONCURRENT and *SERIALIZE not highlighted in RPG editor
This was fixed
01839 - Error when opening new source member
A new member could not be opened because it had no records. This was solved.
01842 - User action auto-complete for stream file path incorrect
We have added support for the path variable in the user actions. It has the same value as ${ifspath}. The documentation was updated.
00149 - Prompting stopped working in Java 19
The Swing classes of jt400 to prompt commands stopped working in java 19. We have reverted our JVM to Java 17.