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Connections are the starting point for working with the IBM i server. Connections can be created via the context menu (right-click in the Remote Explorer view) or the main menu (Main Menu ⇒ New ⇒ Connection). A name for the connection and the server name or IP address must be entered to create a connection. The username is optional.

Adding a Connection

Select "New Connection" (Miwexp newcon.png) from the context menu. A wizard will open.

Miw newconn 2.png

Basic Connection information

Enter the system descriptio, the ip-address and an option user.

Miw newconn w 1.png

Press "Next >"

Which Libraries to show in the Remote Explorer

The next screen determines which libraries should be listed in the remote explorer.

 The Remote Explorer will only list libraries that were explicitly added by you.

Miw newconn w 2.png

Listed Libraries

Enter the libraries one by one. To delete a library from the list, just select the cell and make it empty.

Object Library

When you enter the object library, it can be used as a variable substitution ${object_library} in Compiles and Actions.

Press "Next >"

Library List Settings

The last page determines the library list of your connection.

Libraries can be repositioned by using drag and drop

Miw newconn w 3.png

Job Description

The initial library list entries of the job description will be added to the end of the user library list. Enter the job description name or library/name.

User Library list

Specify the library list. You can change or remove entries by clicking on the cell. You can move the order of the library by drag and drop.

Replace Library list

Tick this if you want the library list of the job replaced or extended.

Show library list

Tick this if you also want to see the libraries in the library list in addition to the libraries you list in the "Listed Libraries" table.

Connection properties can be changed if the connection is closed(see Connection Context Menu ⇒ Edit).

Press "Finish" to create the connection

Changing the Connection

If the connection is disconnected, you can use the "Edit" menu option to change all the attributes of the connection.

Miw edit conn.png