Using the context menu of a job, the job messages can be viewed in an extra view.

Miw miworkplace-messages.png

At the top of the view is a filter section that can be used to filter the messages. The message can be automatically retrieved from the IBM i server by using the start (Miw start.png) and stop (Miw stop.png) buttons. The toolbar of the view has a refresh button (Miw refresh16.png) which retrieves new messages when you press it.

The drop-down boxes in the filter section only contain entries that are part of the list. This enables you to scan the log quickly.

The input box enables you to enter a search term. The search terms will be remembered for this session.

The view can be sorted by column by clicking on the column of your choice.

  • Miw ok24.png - Applies the filters to the list
  • Miw clear24.png - Resets all the filters

Message Details[edit]

A Message Details view can be displayed via the Show View menu in the main menu. It displays the message details by selecting the message in the Messages view.

Message Details