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Remote Explorer

Miw remote explorer.png

The Remote Explorer is the heart and starting point of the application. In the Remote Explorer, the connections to the IBM i servers are managed and the QSYS and root file system in the IFS can be browsed. The libraries, source, and stream files can be managed. Actions like create, delete, rename, copy, paste, etc. are supported.

Toolbar Actions

You can hover over the toolbar actions Miwexpltoolbar.png to find the explanation for each icon:

Miwexp ifstgle.png Filesystem
Toggle between IFS (Miwexp ifstgle.png) and Library (Miwexp qsystgle.png) file system view
Miwexp newcon.png Create a New Connection
Miwexp goup.png Go Up
Use this in combination with "Go Into" on the context menu of the tree items
Miwexp collapse.png Collapse all
Collapse all items in the tree
Miwexp license.png Open the License Editor
Miwexp filters.png Press the button to open the filter editor.
(Press the drop-down (Miwexp dropdown.png) to activate and de-activate filters)
Miwexp prefs.png Preferences
Opens MiWorkplace specific preferences


Connections are the starting point for working with the IBM i server. Connections can be created via the context menu (right-click in the Remote Explorer view) or the main menu (Main Menu ⇒ New ⇒ Connection). A name for the connection and the server name or IP address must be entered to create a connection. The username is optional.

The password is not stored in the connection properties and must be entered on every connection attempt.

Connection properties can be changed if the connection is closed(see Connection Context Menu ⇒ Edit).

Remote Explorer Key Bindings

CTRL + C Copy selection
CTRL + V Paste selection
CTRL + SHIFT + C Compile
CTRL + O Open source member (directly)
DEL Delete selection
F2 Rename object / source member
F5 Refresh selection

Select a Filter

Filters can be activated and de-activated by selecting them in the filter drop-down menu.

  • Using the Toggle... function will switch all filters in the menu on or off in one go.
  • The number of filters and active filters is visible behind the group name. Libs(1/2) means that 1 out of 2 available filters are active in that submenu.

Miw filter dropdown menu.png