Search Result[edit]

After the search finished, the result of the remote search is automatically displayed in the Search Result view.

Search Result

The search string is highlighted in the search result entries.

Double-clicking on the search result entry will open the source member and go to the corresponding line selecting the search string in the line. If the entry does not appear the first time, please double-click the same entry again, after the file has opened.

By using Show Previous Match Show Previous Match and Show Next Match Show Next Match you can navigate through the search result entries in the opened source member.

The search can be executed again by pressing the Run Search Query Again Refresh button.

The search result of previously executed searches are cached and can be selected by the view menu of the view toolbar.

The search result can also be Copy Search Result to Clipboard copied to the clipboard or Print Search Result printed.

Pressing the Delta.gif icon will fetch the member descriptions.

Previous Searches[edit]

All searches in this session are saved in the "kebab" menu Kebabmenu.png.

Miw saved searches.png

Selecting a saved search will run the search again.