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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V1.0.10

Convert Swagger API to OAS3 Now you can easily convert Swagger-2 to OAS3 API.

Openapi editor convert.png

Circumvent CORS restrictions To avoid CORS restrictions while testing your API via the web view, you can now tunnel requests through a local server.

Openapi editor cors.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

  • T00265 - Studio SEO backlinks
  • I01359 - Ignore the last chunk of studio version number when checking for update
  • I01360 - Upgrade MongoDB on studio registration server
  • I01379 - Use the studio local nano server as proxy to avoid CORS restrictions
  • I01385 - Add the option to convert Swagger api's to OAS3 complaint ones
  • I01400 - OpenAPI license page crash
  • I01453 - cannot send an open-api studio rating
  • I01460 - Studio - Double clicking a composed schema shows incorrect source code
  • I01462 - Deprecate the old access token in the studio
  • 3 - Error editor after restart
  • 6 - The studio unexpectedly excited
  • 8 - Rename of schema does not reflect in references
  • 18 - Stackoverflow error in schema
  • I2006 - Add doc help to OpenAPI Editor Gravity Tracker
  • 1 - Add schema additionalProperties documentation