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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V1.0.9

Extract a schema from its payload/sample Now, you can easily extract a schema definition from a given payload or example no matter how deep and complex the payload is. As long as it's a valid JSON. The newly extracted schema is added to the components' schemas

Extract schema.png

Reveal components in source code Double-click (or right-click > then Show in Source) any schema, path, operation, security scheme or server to reveal it in the source code tab and outline view.

Reveal in source.png

Licensing UI Revamp We've improved the licensing UI to increase user-friendliness, information being shown. And introduced commercial license seats management.

License ui revamp.png

Write review and add rating It is now possible to write a review and add a rating from the editor.


Add examples implementation to the OpenAPI Studio It is now possible to add examples implementation to the OpenAPI Studio.

Add example.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

  • T00258 - Add studio JUnit tests
  • I01305 - Let the studio sever determine the touch IP address instead of the client
  • I01298 - Make it possible to paste license key
  • I01328 - Encrypt the openapi studio local file
  • I01292 - Recheck the studio license by touch response
  • I01295 - OpenApi reviews arbitrarily page selection does not work
  • I01293 - Add openapi studio review to web site
  • I01289 - Make rating icon visible even if the product is not licensed
  • I01275 - null is showen on window title if openapi license editor is opened
  • I01274 - Display component name on component details view