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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V2 Milestone 1

HTTP request client HTTP request client is now added to the Remain API Studio to allow the users to create and save simple and complex HTTP/s requests, as well as read their responses.

Http rquest client.jpg

Run request method Each OpenApi HTTP method can be run separately.

Run method.png

Run OpenApi file with http request client All OpenApi file methods can be run at once from Request Definitions view or Remain API Studio.

Run openapi file.png

Create Test Suites Now it is possible to create and run test suites. Test suites can be also run separately.

Create test suite.png

Add Test Case to Test Suite A test suite is a collection of test cases. Now you can add a test case(s) to a test suite.

New testcase.png

Manage Test Case The following actions are added to the test case: Run, edit, Rename and delete.

Also, it is now possible to add assertions to the test case.

Testcase assertion.png

Mockserver We're offering a fully integrated auto-mock server. It handles requests, callbacks, validates path and incoming parameters, and generates a mock response based on the definitions in your OpenAPI document. It's a fully automated local mock server. Just relax and mock!

Studio new mockserver.png

Schema XML representation We've introduced a new tab so that you can define a schema's XML data format.

Studio new schema xml.png

Global tags We've introduced a new tab: Tags, where global tags can be viewed/edited. Overriding tags on the operation level has been improved.

Studio new tags tab.png.png

Studio new tags overriding.png

Inline schema attributes It's possible now to view/edit an inline schema in the Attributes view.

Studio new inline attributes.png

Documentations & Configurations generation Documentations and configurations can now be generated from your OAS3 document.

Studio new generate docs.png.png

We offer many docs types to generate including ready-to-deploy Swagger web UI so that you can use it on your own site.

Studio new generate docs folder.png

View docs on browser The generated docs can also be served and viewed in the browser for ease of use.

Studio new serve docs menu.png

Studio new serve docs.png

Component source code For more development focus, it's now possible to select one component (e.g., schema, path, operation, security scheme, tag, or server) and view its source code in the component source view. You can also toggle between Yaml and JSON by using the local menu.

Studio new component source.png

Schema required properties You can now view/edit the required properties of a schema.

Studio new schema required.png

Schema attributes Attributes tab has been polished. Now, it shows only relevant fields to the selected schema. Additionally, we've added the enum and example fields.

Studio new inline attributes.png.png

Parameter style and explode fields We've added support for the parameter style and explode fields.

Studio new style explode.png

Attributes view revamp We've extended the Schema Attributes view with these three tabs: Properties, Additional Properties, XML, and Discriminator tabs so that you can view/edit an inline schema and drill down schema properties.

Studio new attributes properties view.png

Parameter content type We now support parameter content type definitions for more granular parameter type control.

Studio new parameter content.png

Schema example generation You can now generate a schema example with one click. We've polished the Examples tab as well.

Studio new schema generate example.png

Web editor We're offering a web editor. We've augmented and integrated the Swagger web editor. You can now edit your OpenAPI document from this locally served web editor as well, using your favorite web theme and save your changes back.

Studio new web editor menu.png

Studio new web editor.png

JSON from/to Yaml With one click, you can now convert your document format between JSON and Yaml without affecting your current document as a new one with the same name and different extensions will be generated for you.

Studio new convert to json.png

Studio new convert to yaml.png

External Schema Reference In addition to the current internal schema referencing (schemas in the same document), you can now refer to an external schema, be it on the same file system or remote on another server. A referenced schema data is automatically fetched and shown (currently read-only mode) in views as if it's an internal schema.

Studio refer to external schema in params.png

Studio refer to external schema wizard.png

Response Headers It's now possible to add response headers.

Studio resonpse headers noteworrthy.png

Schema Discriminator We've added support for the schema discriminator object and mappings.

Studio schema discriminator tab.png

Online Help Wiki We've externalized the help wiki and made it available online.

Studio wiki portal.png

Studio wiki portal menu.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

  • I3 - Source tab claims that the API spec is invalid.
  • 16 - Licensing Server: Make the site images uploadable
  • 17 - Licensing Server: allow site configuration via admin site
  • 18 - HTTP body type selection and editor selection
  • 19 - Check the last product version without contacting the update site
  • 20 - Licensing Server - Populate DB with templates on startup
  • 22 - Studio - Clicking the "New update available!" link gives an exception
  • 23 - HTTP Request run test enhancements
  • 29 - Clicking on the subscription cancel link results in an error
  • 24 - Studio - Touch request sending the wrong version to the server
  • 35 - Studio - A subscription should continue to paid-end even if canceled
  • 37 - Right-click on schema properties tab displays empty context menu
  • 44 - Add response time and size to request editor
  • 46 - What can be used for parameter example schema example or examples
  • 51 - Studio - Package the Swagger web-ui as a generated documentation
  • 52 - Don't ask for save by editor switching
  • 53 - Remain API test: provide server variables
  • 54 - Studio - Update the help URL's from GitHub to the official specs site
  • 75 - Studio - A property schema name is not editable
  • E3 - Order by in Schemas
  • E8 - Auto select added property
  • I2 - Attributes view does not work for arrays
  • I4 - Show in source for attribute doesn't work
  • I5 - Error during update
  • I8 - Rick-click/new schema properties empty
  • I9 - Schema attributes on inline schemas
  • I11 - Potential of losing work
  • I12 - Schema Attributes: Reset to default
  • I13 - Description of tags lost after saving
  • I7 - Rick-click/new schema greyed out
  • I2054 - Add error mark to test case with assertion failures
  • 72 - An internal error occurred during testing requests
  • 73 - Rename test case file removes file extension
  • 79 - Include JustJ into the product. JustJ is an embedded Java runtime
  • 80 - Fixed the layout issue in the info page when the description was long
  • 81 - Update Studio SWT Context Help
  • 83 - Run method with body does not work
  • 86 - Parameters view composite grid layout does not match amount columns