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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V2 Milestone 2

104 - API Test: make it possible to edit a created method

Now it is possible to edit method fields id, summary, and description.

Edit method fields.png

100 - Studio - Give the user the option to delete/keep a component references

When deleting a global component, be it a parameter, request body, or response, the user has now the choice to keep or delete references to this global component.

Delete global component.png

58 - Studio - Add global responses

You can now define global responses and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document.

Global responses.png

Global responses referencing.png

97 - Studio - Add global callbacks

You can now define global callbacks and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document.

Global callbacks.png

Global callbacks referencing.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

45 - Issues concerning method parameters
several small issues solved.
87 - Schema attributes view shows duplicate example field
The parameter array properties are displayed on attributes view with duplicate example field.
88 - NullPointerException on subschema item selection
Selection of some schema subitems doesn't work from the schema view.
91 - Validate schema attributes values
Validate the values of the attributes before adding them to the schema according to the schema type.
95 - Add import and export requests
Import and export requests and test cases.
6 - Scrollbar is not working on OpenApi's general info tab
You have to manually drag it or press the directional buttons to scroll, it doesn't work with the mouse wheel.
103 - Update request body from API test loses some body elements
By updating the request body from API test, the following element will be lost if any:description, requirement, and schema reference.
105 - API test- Request Definitions view does not watch file changes
If a file is changed outside the request editor, the view of the definition does not refresh.
99 - Studio - UI referring to a global parameter not working correctly
Referring to newly created global parameters doesn't show reference UI but that of a new local parameter.
92 - Studio - License editor no more brought to the front
When opening the API Studio for the first time, the user should be prompted with the license editor.
90 - Licensing Server - Send an email when a subscription is canceled
Send an alert to the defined emails in the web admin when a user successfully cancels a subscription
89 - Licensing Server - Add more logging
Log the whole incoming data when a license activation fails
77 - Licensing Server - MongoDB connection failure prohibits the server from running
The licensing server should be able to run and log when failing to connect to the DB.
34 - Licensing Server - Clicking the licensee name not showing its order info
In the licensing server web admin, clicking the name of the licensee of the subscription doesn't show its order info as it does for the licensee of a one-time license
107 - Licensing Server - Error reading logs
The licensing server Logs tab throws an error while reading the "log/rotate folder" content