OAS:OpenAPI Studio/New and Noteworthy/V2.0.3

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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V2 Milestone 3

Maintenance release.

Other issues/enhancements resolved

33 - Licensing Server - Strip out sensitive data from Get operations
There is no need to fetch sensitive data just to fill in their respective UI input fields.
108 - API Test; Request body added to methods that does not admit it
After a method update, an empty body will be added to that method. This will cause problems by generating an API.
110 - Method responses disappears after update test method
Responses of an openapi method will be disappeared after updating it from API test.
111 - Licensing Server - Enable license activation via the web
When it's not possible to activate a license the normal way from the license management editor, one should be able to activate the license using a browser.
113 - Licensing Server - Enable license edition via the web admin
One should be able to edit a license via the licenses web admin
114 - Licensing Server - Add licenses seats management overview
One should be able to view/manage all licensed seats within the current RCP license management editor. This enables the user to de/activate seats from a central point.
115 A recurring exception in Marketplace while installing OpenAPI Studio
In the Eclipse marketplace error report, an exception is occurring many times preventing the OpenAPI studio successful installation