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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V2.1

104 - API Test: make it possible to edit a created method

Now it is possible to edit method fields id, summary, and description.

Edit method fields.png

I23 - Show component source view cannot be made visible from the context menu

You can now open the Component Source view from the context menu of a component (e.g., schema, path, server, security,..).

Openapi open component source view.png

I22 - Field format is not visible in attributes list

You can now view and edit the schema type format in the Attributes view.

Openapi open attributes view schema type format.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

xx - Issues concerning method parameters
several small issues solved.
I1 - Dark theme is really dark
The dark theme is very dark. Please take a look at the screenshot.
I17 - Adding an ´anyOf´ subschema is malfunctioning
When trying to add an anyOf subschema, a oneOf subschema is added instead.
I21 - External browser doesn't show up when clicking online help menu
Launching the external browser, e,g., when clicking the menu to show online wiki help or external web view stopped working.
I24 - Sub-schema of type "not" disappears from in Schemas view
Adding a "not" schema shows up in the Schemas view after adding one but not after closing and reopening the API document. A UI issue as it still exists in the source code.
I25 - Global tag deletion not working
Trying to delete a global tag by right-clicking it then using its context delete menu is not responding
E10 - Publish the APIs
How would a company publish all the API's in the json files so that developers know which API's are available?