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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V3.0.1

Object Info validation

The first tab, containing the document info, validates its content according to the OpenAPI specs.

Studio first tab valdation.png

Schemas validation

We offer now validation for the schemas tab section.

For Both the global schemas section:

Studio schemas tab valdation.png

And schema properties section.

Studio schemas tab properties valdation.png

Paths & Operations validation

You can validate all paths in one go or path by path.

Studio paths tab valdation.png

Global and operation parameters validation

Validate the global and operation parameters:

Studio paths tab parameters valdation.png

Global and operation request-bodies validation

Validate the global and operation request-bodies:

Studio paths tab request-bodies valdation.png

Global and operation responses validation

Validate the global and operation responses:

Studio paths tab responses valdation.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

I18 - API Editor does not validate the OAS3 spec.

At least the operation Id must be unique across ALL operations and the path variable must be specified when the path contains a path.
I19 - Creation of existing path destroys the existing path.
When I create a path that already exists that path replaces the existing path including all existing operations.
I26 - APIStudio spec help does not jump to the correct anchors.
When pressing "i" in schema/parameters help, it jumps to the wrong page.
I28 - Prevent self-reference when creating an array and composed schemas.
Prevent in the UI the creation of a schema referencing itself.
I29 - Enforce schema names to follow specs requirement
We should prohibit the creation (UI-wise) of a schema with a non-conform name.
I32 - Schemas view doesn't refresh after editing a schema name
When editing a schema using the schema edition wizard from the local menu, the Schemas view doesn't refresh.
01607 - No More Handles Error from com.reaminsoftware.oas3.ui
Self-referencing schemas create loops when rendering the UI.
01541 - Issue Viewing Spec.
We'll enforce this specs section in the editor's parameters UI and only show applicable styles choices per parameter location.
01545 - Check for Operation ID must be filled and must be unique.
An operation id, if defined, should be unique across the API document.
116 - Spaces in names
OAStudio allows creating schema fields with spaces. I think this is not allowed.
68 - Studio - Add validator
Validate a given openapi document according to the OAS3 specs