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New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V3.0.2

123 - Replace Reprezen editor with Eclipse standard JSON editor. Now, the OpenAPI studio ships with a much better and more efficient editor.

Openapi studio new editor.png

Other issues/enhancements resolved

124 - The OpenAPI studio new source editor causes issues
The studio source editor now uses by default the available text editor and gives a prompt dialog each time you open a document file. The outline view is not reacting/being populated. As a result, also the "Show in source editor" menu is broken.
I34 - Editor not working in OpenAPI Studio
OpenAPI Studio has switched to new editors. The editor is not shipped which gives popup menus. Also, there are problems linking to the source code.
I35 - The operation edition wizard OK button always disabled
When editing an operation (by right-clicking it > Edit), the OK button in the edition wizard is not enabled.
I36 - Don't validate an inline schema name
Inline schemas don't need to be validated by the studio inspector.