New and Noteworthy in OpenAPI Studio V3.1.2[edit]

130 - Upgrade to new code generation API This includes bug fixes and enhancements for over a dozen programming languages. In addition to this, four new generators were added:
  • Kotlin Vert.x
  • Julia client and server
  • Python client - python-nextgen
  • Jetbrains http client

128 - Preserve order of entry in schema properties The schema properties insert order was not honored. Although the spec does not mention any specific order for schema properties, it is nice to see the properties as they appear in a database so that map-to-all techniques can be applied from the database record to the generated data structures. We have inserted a row number to manage the ordering.



130 - Upgrade to new code generation API
We have upgraded to new code generation. A bug caused the product to fail on Linux. This has been resolved, and version 3.1.1 has been released.
129 - Editor responds slowly and flickers on attributes keystroke
The form editor sometimes tried to stay in synch too aggressively. This was causing flicker and keystroke delays. We have implemented various techniques to mitigate this behavior.
133 - After using the editor for a while, messages appear in the logs
We solved various issues in this area.
132 - OAS3 After closing and opening the editor, it becomes slow
When an editor was closed, we did not clean up correctly. This caused listeners to still be active on the document, which in turn caused updates of disposed widgets.
134 - The new schema dialog shows selectable fields as hidden
It is now clear which fields are selectable.