OAS:OpenAPI Editor/OpenAPI Test/Requests/Create Request

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Creating Request

Open the Remain API Test perspective.

Opeapi test perspective.png

Go to the Request Definitions view and select the node Requests > mouse right-click and click on New HTTP Reequest.

The request editor can be also directly opened from the top toolbar button Request test.png of the view.

Open request eiditor.png

Simple Request

A simple request contains a method, server, and a path. Click on the Send button to test the request. The retrieved response will be displayed as shown in the following figure:

Http request.png

Save Request

Click on the Save toolbar button to save the request. Specify the request name en click on OK. The saved request will be displayed as a child of the Requests item.

Save request.png

Advanced Request

An advanced request contains besides the above basic elements the parameters, body, and authorization. These elements are represented as views.

Request views.png