Creating Request[edit]

Open the Remain API Test perspective.

Opeapi test perspective.png

Go to the Request Definitions view and select the node Requests > mouse right-click and click on New HTTP Reequest.

The request editor can be also directly opened from the top toolbar button Request test.png of the view.

Open request eiditor.png

Simple Request[edit]

A simple request contains a method, server, and a path. Click on the Send button to test the request. The retrieved response will be displayed as shown in the following figure:

Http request.png

Save Request[edit]

Click on the Save toolbar button to save the request. Specify the request name en click on OK. The saved request will be displayed as a child of the Requests item.

Save request.png

Advanced Request[edit]

An advanced request contains besides the above basic elements the parameters, body, and authorization. These elements are represented as views.

Request views.png