OAS:OpenAPI Editor/Schema Properties

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Schema Properties

A schema property is a schema in its turn. To view schema properties, select that schema, then select the Properties tab. Use the local toolbar to add or delete a property.

Open api editor schema properties.png

Add a Schema Property

To add a property click the + (addition) button from the local toolbar.

Open api editor schema properties add prop.png

Delete a Schema Property

To delete a property select it first, then click the delete button X from the local toolbar.

Open api editor schema properties delete prop.png

Set Schema Property As Required

Select the schema you want to edit, go to the Properties tab then check the check-box beside a property to make it a required one. Uncheck it to make unrequired which the default behavior.

Open api editor schema properties set required.png

Additional Properties

The value of the additional properties can be boolean or object. Inline or referenced schema MUST be of a Schema Object and not a standard JSON Schema. Consistent with JSON Schema, additional properties defaults to true.

To view and add additional properties, select a schema, then click on the 'Additional Properties' tab.

Oas3 schema additional properties.png