Define Global Security[edit]

Security may be defined globally. That is, on API level, and will apply to all operations/calls. Security can be overridden on operation level, though.

To define security globally, select the bottom Security tab, then select the tab titled: Define Global Security

Openapi security define global editor.png

If you want to you use, in one go, all available security schemes in your global security, check then the check-box beside the root Security Requirements. Uncheck it if you want to use no security at all on a global level.

Openapi security define global checkall.png.png

Otherwise to select-add a security scheme, right-click the root node Security Requirements, then Add Security Scheme (OR) then select the scheme you want.

Note: All security schemes on root level (Security Requirements) are logically OR-ed when evaluated.

If a security scheme has scopes, then check/uncheck the box beside each scope to add/remove it

Openapi security define global add scheme.png

To group a security scheme with another one making a list of them, right-click a security scheme, then select from the AND menu the scheme to add.

Note: All security schemes within a list/group are logically AND-ed when evaluated.

Openapi security define global add and scheme.png