Define Operation Security[edit]

You can override global security on the operation level. To do so, go to the Paths tab (at the bottom) then select the operation you want. Select the Security tab where you can define security on the selected operation level.

Openapi security define operation.png

If you want to you use, in one go, all available security schemes in your global security, check then the check-box beside the root Security Requirements. Or uncheck it so that no security will be used on this operation level.

Openapi security define operation or.png

Note: All security schemes on root level (Security Requirements) are logically OR-ed when evaluated.

If a security scheme has scopes, then check/uncheck the box beside each scope to add/remove it

To group a security scheme with another one making a list of them, right-click a security scheme (not the root), then select from the AND menu the scheme to add.

Note: All security schemes within a list/group are logically AND-ed when evaluated.

Openapi security define operation and.png