Source Code[edit]

This section is about views you can use to show the whole document or just a picked component source code as generated by Remain API Studio.

Show In Source View[edit]

In Remain API Studio, you can show most of the OpenAPI components in the Source view tab.

Openapi shouw source view.png

To show the source code of a tag, security components, server, schema, path, or operation, just double-click the component you want, (or right-click it then select Show In Source).

The following depicts how to show a schema source code. But this is valid for other components: tag, security components, server, path, or operation).

Openapi shouw source view menu.png

Openapi shouw path source view.png

Show In Component Source View[edit]

To view the source code of a component without leaving the editor you're working in. You can use the Component Source view. The latter shows the source code automatically when you click on a component. E.g., a schema, tag, security scheme, server, path, or operation.

Open Component Source View[edit]

You can open the Component Source View by right-clicking a component then selecting Show Component Source:

Openapi open component source view.png

The following depicts a security flow source code. But the same is valid when clicking any of the other components mentioned above.

Openapi component source view.png

Toggle between JSON/YAML Formats[edit]

You can toggle between viewing YAML and JSON using the toggle button at the top-right of the Component Source.

Openapi component source toggle yaml.png

Example: Toggling the above YAML to JSON format:

Openapi component source toggle json.png