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Download Remain OpenAPI Studio

Start Remain OpenAPI Studio

After installation, you can start the studio. If you run the studio for the first time, the welcome screen will open:

Oas welcome.png

After closing the welcome screen, you will land in the OpenAPI Perspective which is an organization of views needed to create your APIs.

Oas oaperspective.png

  1. This is the main editor where you will design, test, and generate
  2. The Project Explorer view. It manages projects which are folders on your hard drive
  3. A default Remain API Studio project. It contains a bunch of sample APIs.
  4. The file that is currently open in the editor.
  5. The editor has different sections that each map to a part of the specification. You are now in the info section
  6. This is the Component Details view. It is automatically populated if you work with schemas and fields
  7. Views are organized in Perspectives that have a specific workflow goal. This one is to create your API
  8. The Component Source view. It shows you the snippet of the source of the element you have selected
  9. The Schema Attributes and Properties View. It enables you to edit the schema fields.
  10. The Outline View. This will be filled when you enter the Source Tab of the editor

Two Minute Overview

For a two minute overview of the OpenAPI Studio, visit this YouTube link:


Main Menu

The main menu is placed in the bottom right corner of all tabs. In the first tab, called Start, you also find it, with a different layout but the same sub-menus, in the top-right corner.

Openapi main menu.png

Settings Menu

In settings, you can manage your license, set the code generation folder, and view the ratings.

Openapi settings button.png

Hover-over Menus

Some local menus only show up if you hover over their area. E.g, the parameters, request bodies, responses. The following is an example of a hover-over local menu of a parameter

Openapi hover over menus.png