Interview With Remain And İşbank

Through the further growth of computerization and software development within İşbank, good change management software was especially necessary. The search led to Remain’s TD/OMS - IBM i Application Lifecycle Management solution.

Utku Alatas, Project Manager in İşbank Gmbh: “We use IDDOS and TD/OMS has the best fit. A change management solution that supported IDDOS was a must. According to Olaf Vogelbusch of Vogelbusch, a reseller of Remain software, regarding this software fit: “Alatas is correct when he says that there is a good fit between TD/OMS and IDDOS. A standard component of Remain’s change management solution is an interface with IDDOS.” Now that the link between both programs has been made, the bank has a solution to support its own development program and to have control of all the information sources within the company. Alatas: “And we also have control of all related topics for a project as they are defined in IDDOS. The implementation of TD/OMS ensures an ideal situation when starting up any arbitrary development project".


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