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PHP on IBM i Development Support

IBM i users seek for an easy, cost-effective and fast way of developing or modernizing their applications in PHP. The IBM i Application Lifecycle Management tool, TD/OMS can facilitate PHP components management and in combination with Zend Studio or WebSmart PHP will help you to deliver high quality and modern Web applications quickly and within budget.

How does it work?

TD/OMS and its graphical impact analysis give an overview of all PHP component relations, which makes the software change process easier and more effective. These relations can be displayed either within TD/OMS or other PHP editors, for example, ZEND Studio. The PHP component relations are part of the TD/OMS extended relationships. The component relations are not limited to the components being managed within TD/OMS, which means that all functions and classes that are being used from within the component are visualized. TD/OMS supports an endless drilldown into the using and used by relationships. In addition, it allows management of all relationships between PHP, RPG, Java and any other components in the database.


After visualization of the components, PHP development is facilitated by TD/OMS tasks’ creation, possible also from the view of other Eclipse based PHP editors . Once a task is started the entire software change process, including development, testing and deployment is enforced and controlled by TD/OMS. A TD/OMS staging functionality will additionally allow promotion/deployment of PHP as well as RPG, Java objects to next stage (testing, production) all together, in one step only. This will make application management easier as the front and back end of web applications will be updated simultaneously. The entire process will go fast and any faults will be quickly seen and fixed with a roll-back mechanism, before they go into production.


PHP developers using ZEND Studio and who are willing to improve collaboration within their team can easily combine TD/OMS application life cycle management capabilities with Gravity, a workflow management solution from Remain Software or the IBM Rational Team Concert. This makes the offering even more comprehensive and can significantly improve work of the entire IT department developing in various languages and using several tools such as RPG Toolbox, X-Analysis, and many others.

TD/OMS and WebSmart

TD/OMS also integrates with the robust web application development tool from BCD Software, WebSmart PHP. The combined solutions assure a stable, effective and secure development and modernization process to deliver modern PHP applications.