ALM/ SCM methodology

Introducing ALM methodology brings significant benefits not only to development teams but also to an entire organization. ALM tools replace various point solutions that are used in business operations, which can result in more effective cooperation between multiple (even geographically dispersed) teams and enable easier coordination of people, processes, and data involved in projects. Thanks to collaboration, communication, and requirements management facilities Application Lifecycle Management allows also a better combination of business activities with software development. As a consequence business process within an organization will be fully supported by robust applications, perfectly tailored to their users.

Multi- platform Gravity

(IBM i, Windows, Unix, Linux etc.) Project and Workflow Management software for any organization or a development team that desires easy, fast visible management of various projects and development processes. 

TD/OMS Subscription

Proper Software Change Management and Software Deployment support without software licenses. Subscription-based pricing gives customers the flexibility to scale TD/OMS Flex to their needs.


 IBM i (Power) Windows and Unix/Linux. The solution incorporates fundamental IT business process support to manage software changes, software development, deployment and modernization projects.