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Software Change Management support for LANSA Software Development Platform

The hallmark of the LANSA software development platform for IBM i (series or AS/400) and Windows is business agility. The LANSA software development platform is used by many small and medium-sized companies to support their entire business systems infrastructure, and also by divisions of larger enterprises to run business-critical applications. With our TD/OMS LANSA interface, we offer a high-quality software change-management environment that enables software developers to adapt software changes quickly.

The TD/OMS LANSA interface enables you to manage your application development life cycle. By managing important information items such as incidents, change requests and tasks, you are able to control the various aspects of application development. The TD/OMS LANSA interface utilizes the LANSA task mechanism to exchange information between LANSA and TD/OMS. In most situations, TD/OMS will be configured to automatically generate a corresponding task within LANSA when a task is generated within TD/OMS. The result is a 1-to-1 relationship between the LANSA task and the TD/OMS task, which removes the requirement for the developer to select a LANSA task when connecting components to the TD/OMS task. The TD/OMS LANSA interface supports any LANSA task implementation (such as a general task for each developer) when the automatic 1-to-1 task creation is not acceptable.

After the assignment of a TD/OMS task, your developers are able to select and connect components from the TD/OMS configuration database. The TD/OMS configuration database contains component information retrieved from all the defined LANSA locations (LANSA partitions, libraries, and IFS folders).

The interface also contains information regarding the relationships between the components using and used by and dependency information. Productivity is increased as a result of the impact analysis and simplified connection of all required components to the TD/OMS task.