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Change | Workflow | DevOps
Growth is change. We're prepared for your next step.
Embrace Change. Remain in Control.

Change is the nature of life ... and of your development and business lifecycles.
Count on Remain Software for life-changing vision, expertise, solutions and support for your
​application lifecycle management (ALM), including DevOps, streamlined workflow and enhanced productivity.

Remain Focused

Vision and Expertise

We live to help you prosper. Your software investments are an asset, and we'll help you increase that value with the visibility, automation, accuracy and stability you need to minimize the time, effort and risks inherent in task, workflow, and total change and integration management.

We're thrilled for the ongoing success of companies that came to us seeking clarity and direction, stayed with us for world-class solutions, and continue to rely on us to guide and accompany them into the future." ~Marco Kok, Managing Partner

How are you managing this asset? ​We can help. Go ahead, embrace the ROI!

Remain in Control


A Bridge to Everywhere - From wherever you stand today, we're your bridge to your future development. Along the way, we'll bridge communication, collaboration and relationships between development and operations as your full team revels in critical capabilities such as continuous testing, deployments and deliveries and regularly enhanced interfaces with such powerful tools as Jenkins. We ensure predictability, collaboration, analysis, support and total control through it all, so you maintain stability in DevOps.

We live on the cutting-edge horizon of new and emerging technology, so our customers can live with peace of mind." ~Wim Jongman, CTO

Remain Confident

Collaborative Relationship

By our future-forward enhancements and attentive support, we aspire to one ultimate goal: Help you to produce better code with speed, ease, and an increasingly intuitive and fluid experience and turn more of your attention to the exciting development and growth of your business.

At Remain Software our longstanding customer relationships start with the attentive service and support that our customers desire and deserve. Win-win-win." ~Laura Hamway, Managing Dir., USA

Some expect status-quo. We'll show you exceptional. You'll never look back.

Who we are and why

Expertise | Commitment | Innovation

Our Commitment

We live to help you prosper and love to watch you succeed (and as fellow IT and development professionals, we're more likely to laugh at your jokes that others don't get).

On a more serious note, we're serious devotees of technology, its ever-advancing nature, and its power to enhance and advance your ultimate success. We keep an eye on the horizon, a finger on the pulse of current and emerging trends, tools and possibilities, and our  minds on what's best for you.

Your Next Step

No matter the industry, size or scope of your organization, we're prepared for your next step with reliable, flexible, cost-effective solutions for IBM i and multi-platform development environments.

Embrace change. And remain stable, productive and supported in transition.

Happy Customers

"Since choosing Remain, our IT and development department has far exceeded its initial goals and is now accomplishing tasks and projects in record speed, with exceptional results and far-reaching impact. The ROI for our business is clearly measurable, from the start of any given development cycle to end-user satisfaction, boosted productivity and ultimate increased revenues."

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For more than 25 years, Remain Software delivers robust, reliable, flexible IT solutions for evolving needs in workflow and change management. Our unique in-house development lets us quickly adapt our solutions to include new functionality and solidly integrate with emerging third-party applications.

We consistently advance, deliver quarterly and annual updates/releases, and earn the trust and confidence of customers worldwide. 

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We attend some of the best industry conferences and events in the world, and we look forward to sharing the knowledge and experience with you. See where we'll be and when, and plan to come say hello!

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