Designing REST API with OAS and Remain API Studio

If you’re not yet optimizing the advantages of REST API, OpenAPI Specification (OAS) by the Linux Foundation®, and Remain API Studio, you may not quite understand what you’re missing. Here's the purpose, methodology and benefits, and how you can leverage them to accomplish your goals like never before.

What Is REST and Why Use It?

Using an API provides a standard way of communicating data. JSON is widely accepted as the primary data format for APIs. The REpresentational State Transfer (REST) architectural style provides interoperability between computer systems on the Internet, enabling the flexibility that allows two applications to talk over the Internet using tools similar to those used by web browsers. REST APIs utilize all the HTTP actopns like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Moreover, it's important to build REST APIs according to OAS standards. Benefits of this include bypassing time- and resource-consuming middleware and the ability to leverage your existing skill set to deliver your data and services. Creating and maintaining REST APIs properly from scratch can be a very complex process. We engineered Remain API Studio to make it faster, easier and more efficient.

Designing REST APIs with Remain API Studio

With Remain API Studio you can create and edit full OAS spec-compliant API definitions with speed and reliability.

This easy-to-use rich visual editor has you covered through the entire API design process, featuring import and export capabilities, multi-language code generation, integrated testing, a powerful documentation generator, and built-in help.

The real power lies in the ability to visually maintain your API specification in a human-readable, graphical way, without having to bog yourself down in JSON or YAML source. The source code is available on the Source tab, for a peek or to maintain the code there; the UI will be updated accordingly. Once the specification is created, code can be generated to process the API. 

Remain API Studio is available as a standalone solution, as a RDi plugin, and can also, for complete management of the development cycle, be fully integrated with TD/OMS, our DevOps/ALM solution.


Benefits of REST APIs utilizing OAS

  • Mobile strategy.

  • Low-code strategy.

  • Reuseability.

  • Self-serving global access for your customers.

  • Utilize a world-wide standard.

  • Choose from many standard services.

  • Focus on your core business and not boilerplate code.

  • API strategy for the future.

Remain API Studio

  • Fully compliant with the latest OAS specification.
  • Visually maintain your API specification in a human-readable way.
  • A powerful generator that gives flexibility and control over the generated objects.
  • Import and export functions let you extract API specs (all or some, as in only one schema!) straight from the source and export them locally.
  • Generate an API server framework or client within our workspace and start coding immediately.
  • Full-fledged testing capabilities integrated in the studio, so you can easily test your APIs and see if your API spec is complete.
  • Shortened development cycle. 
  • Fully integrated and automated mock server.
  • Includes a code generator for the most popular programming languages.

Help for Remain API Studio

Remain API Studio contains built-in documentation throughout the product, accessible by clicking the "i" for information.

In addition our Helpdesk staff is available for any questions that you may have; simply email us at

Many customers prefer to access our Helpdesk through our support site at The site provides a webportal for all communications with us, including opening a task, commenting and attaching relevant documentation or logs. Get all the information you need to track your issue, and search for existing answers to similar questions.