Software Testing

As part of the application lifecycle management, testing is of extreme value to reduce software failures, bugs, and problems. Robust automated testing solutions will be appreciated especially by customers who have high expectations for the quality of the software.

Assure high quality of your applications

Our solutions, consultancy services and expertise will help your company to improve the quality of your applications. Using cutting-edge technology, our application quality and software testing solutions will enable quality-assurance and IT professionals within your organization to build and maintain a valuable corporate asset, namely a series of re-usable and easy-to-maintain test assets that will also encompass your business knowledge.

The end result? High-quality software applications, plus that warm and fuzzy feeling that results from knowing that the changes you are about to release have passed all defined tests. 


X-Datatest - Test undocumented IBM i applications


IBM i applications have typically been heavily modified over the years, and they usually do not come with a complete library of test cases or specifications. Yet testing is the key to successful development and smooth implementation. Without solid, appropriately sized test databases and strong test management, it becomes almost impossible to ensure that errors and inconsistencies are eliminated before go-live. X-Datatest provides everything you need to accurately and thoroughly test your IBM i application environment.



RPGUNIT - The Standard in IBM i Unit Testing

RPGUnit is the standard in open source unit testing for IBM i. You are able to create test cases (a single test) and test suites (a collection of related tests). iRPGUnit is an open source plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for i on top of the RPGUnit back-end. It enables you to develop and execute repeatable unit tests for RPG programs and service programs.

iRPGUnit uses test suites to group test cases. A test case is an exported procedure that starts with 'test' and that is hosted and exported by an RPG module. A test suite is a service program that consists of one or more modules that exports test cases. Typically there is a one to one relation between the test suite service program and the module that contains the test cases.

TD/OMS builds on top of IRPGUnit and enables you to generate test cases and test suites. During the transfer process, you can tell TD/OMS to execute the test cases and optionally rollback the implementation after tests fail.

IUnit by Remain Software

There are several types of software tests, but when it comes to quickly building your software testing assets, nothing beats a unit test. A unit test is a small, self-contained program that will test one of your programs, or even a part of one of your programs. One unit test is pretty useless. But if you are persitent, over time you will have hundreds of tests. 

If you want to get started with unit testing, there are a couple of open source solutions available. One of them is our very own IUnit Framework, a very simple unit testing framework that you will have running over your coffeebreak.

We use it ourselves for unit testing, and we couldn't be happier.

We host the source at Github, so there is nothing stopping you from heading over there and giving this unit test framework a try.


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Original Software

For short- and long-term success, software testing solutions need to be dynamic, flexible, and able to be deployed easily and quickly amongst the broadest possible user-base.

The next generation technology incorporated into Original's testing suite brings practical business benefits that offer you options. For example, you might choose to conduct more comprehensive testing in the same time frame to reduce risk, or carry out the same amount of testing but finish quicker, or to use fewer costly resources, or any combination of these. The choice is yours.



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