WebSmart interface

RPG, PHP and other programmers thinking about developing IBM i and multi-platform web applications should use tooling which will assure effectiveness, productivity and security of the entire process. The Remain Software Application Lifecycle Management solution, TD/OMS integrated with the rapid web application development tool from BCD Software, WebSmart is a tool you should definitely look at.

TD/OMS IBM i Application Lifecycle Management

TD/OMS is a solution for all IBM i shops thinking about improvement of development, change, modernization and deployment processes. It gives complete overview of the software development process and provides a real-time overview of software components and configuration. 

WebSmart PHP

WebSmart is the fastest way for RPG, PHP and other programmers to develop IBM i and multi-platform web applications. It is more than an editor: It's a rapid web application development tool that includes program templates that guide you through creating database-driven web applications in minutes.

TD/OMS and WebSmart integration

Information about WebSmart applications is stored and easily accessible using TD/OMS. It provides a central repository for WebSmart PHP definitions and native IBM i objects. TD/OMS also takes control over the entire change and modernization process, including stable and secure multiplatform deployment.

In addition, TD/OMS assures control and storage of application versions with source compare and merge functionality.