Life Just Got Easier. Speed and Stability in ALM, Workflow & REST API

Life’s easier with the delivery of TD/OMS V12.1, Gravity V5.1 and Remain API Studio V1.0.11, the latest full-version releases of our three signature change and application-lifecycle management, workflow and REST API editing/management solutions. 

All three prove to significantly advance productivity, boosting speed, stability and efficiency through development, testing, integration, project-management and delivery cycles. Emphasis lies in support for user-ease and intuitiveness; process refinement for accuracy, efficiency and reliability; and enabling teams to remain in control throughout entire development cycles and stay confident and focused on the progression and success of their work.

In line with our steadfast commitment to ongoing development and support for our solutions, we release new features and capabilities to customers four times annually: full-version releases each summer, followed by three quarterly “Milestone” enhancement updates.

Our ultimate goal is to help customers produce better code, with greater speed, stability and ease, and to advance their development potential and compound the return on their investments of time, attention and commitment to their work.

TD/OMS V12.1 delivers more control and further streamlines and enhances application change- and lifecycle-management. Focus includes: creation of labels to help organize and group objects easily; unit testing integration; Git support and UI improvements; enhancements to Journal Analyzer and Xref, our multi-platform advanced-cross-referencing search engine. 

Remain API studio V1.0.11 provides a highly functional, intuitive framework for excellence in user experience when designing and managing OAS-spec-compliant REST APIs. We’ve been using and refining Remain API Studio to the point of extreme confidence and enthusiasm in releasing V1.0.11 for general/public availability. Features include a rich visual editor, the capacity to convert Swagger APIs to OAS specifications and circumvent CORS restrictions, and the inclusion of eight new generators.

Gravity V5.1 increases intuitiveness, user-friendliness and cross-team collaboration, furthering the advantages of this robust project-workflow-management solution. Our Annual Release extends the capabilities of Xref by improving both setup and usability. With added visual icons for easy identification and configuration flexibility for web layouts, all provide an improved user experience.

As always, we're happy to help you embrace change and remain in control through the growth, evolution and development of your business.

You're on your way.

And we're prepared for your next step.