NEXT PLEASE! - M03-1 Available Through A New Deployment Process

Monday, March 28, 2011
About one month ago we delivered maintenance release 3 of TD/OMS version 6. Today we are delivering modification 1 to this maintenance release. Why, you might ask, bugs? Well yes, a few bugs were solved but normally we save these fixes for the next maintenance release. The reason for today's shipment is the fact that we have automated the delivery process of non-IBM-i code.

However, we, and many of our customers have since then moved to a hybrid technology.

Our current technolgy consists of IBM-i based back-end code  together with Eclipse based UI (Java) and multiplatform deployment code written in C. Our next major release is based on a OSGi service architecture with a REST based back-end. All this technology needs to be kept together in some way and so we have included continuous integration of non-IBM-i components into the TD/OMS development process.

This means that we can fork a continuous integration step that will collect source code from our repository, compile, package and deliver to our website in one continuous uninterrupted process.


For this we have integrated TD/OMS' technologies with today's top level open source components like Jenkins, Maven, Continuum and Eclipse. There is still some work to do in terms of component interfacing but the complete process flows from back to end.

We are currently working on integrating automated tests into the deployment process. As you may know, we have partnered with Original Software and our current focus is to integrate the activation of the automated tests into the deployment process. 

At this moment, we have everything automated in our own development process except the actual publishing of the software on our website where you are able to download it. 

This is because we still need someone to run the installers and see if all major components are  functioning as expected. Once we get this manual step automated we will be able to deliver automatically and frequently (i.e. daily). This means that you are able to pick-up new features and bug fixes when they become available.

Of course, like any Enterprise System, changes in the production environment cannot be done as agile as we sometimes want. Financial Institutions, for example, have to deal with rules and regulations, a change management process and external and internal auditors. It is often not easy to deploy new software as quickly as it becomes available.

To accommodate this, we have made the GUI parts of our software available as a repository download. This means that administrators can update the already installed client software to the latest level. Once the internal tests are complete, the software can be made available to the rest of the development department by placing the TD/OMS new client repository on a public location. This can be a web server or the local fileserver. The developers point to this location to update their TD/OMS client.

This technique can also be used to load TD/OMS components in existing Eclipse based products like the Rational Development Environment or in existing Eclipse installation.

You can download the new release from our download area. Here is a little instruction video  to get you started.


Happy coding.


Wim Jongman