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Remain Api Studio Download

Download OpenAPI Studio Installer

Press the button below to download the Windows 64-bit installer which will install the product on your PC.

MAC AND LINUX ZIPS are available below

Version 3.2.0

Our Remain OpenAPI Studio offers a rich OpenAPI editor, a full OAS3 specs-compliant, and a visual development environment.
This rich OpenAPI editor makes it easy to work with OpenAPI schemas, paths, security, servers, examples, tags, and all other OAS3 components.
Remain OpenAPI Studio also offers, out of the box, complete API testing, mock server, built-in Swagger web UI, source code, OpenAPI documents imports and exports, and source code generation for all popular languages and frameworks for both client and server sides.
Exhaustive built-in documentation for all parts of the OAS3/OpenAPI specs is also included in our Remain OpenAPI editor.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 3.2.0 release:  ( A fully detailed list can be found here )

Eclipse Installation

As an alternative to the stand-alone installation, the OpenAPI Studio is also available at Eclipse Marketplace and can be installed inside any Eclipse flavor. The Remain OpenAPI Studio Plugin supports all major versions of Eclipse and Eclipse Derived Products on all platforms where Eclipse is available (Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX).

  • You may drag the "Install" button below into your Eclipse or RDI to begin the installation process

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client


Installs by OS

Linux 64 (419.9 MB)
Mac 64 (418.57 MB)