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Version 3.1.0

Our Remain OpenAPI Studio offers a rich OpenAPI editor, a full OAS3 specs-compliant, and a visual development environment.
This rich OpenAPI editor makes it easy to work with OpenAPI schemas, paths, security, servers, examples, tags, and all other OAS3 components.
Remain OpenAPI Studio also offers, out of the box, complete API testing, mock server, built-in Swagger web UI, source code, OpenAPI documents imports and exports, and source code generation for all popular languages and frameworks for both client and server sides.
Exhaustive built-in documentation for all parts of the OAS3/OpenAPI specs is also included in our Remain OpenAPI editor.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 3.1.0 release:  ( A fully detailed list can be found here )

  •   We've fixed some bugs.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 3.0.3 release:  ( A fully detailed list can be found here )

  •   We've upgraded the source code generator CLI.
  • Other server-side issues have been resolved as well.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 3.0.2 release:  ( A fully detailed list with visuals can be found here )

  • We've upgraded the OpenAPI JSON/YAML editor with a much better and more efficient editor.

  • We've also resolved many other client and server-side issues.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 3.0.1 release: ( A fully detailed list with visuals can be found here )

  • We've introduced the ability to validate your OpenAPI document. Currently, we offer the validation of the following components:
  • We added operation ID check and warn prior to operation creation to help avoid ID collisions.
  • We added schema name check. Now we only accept characters allowed by the specs in this matter.
  • We enforced the OpenAPI specs in the editor's parameters UI section. Now, we only show applicable styles choices per parameter location.
  • Many other issues have also been fixed.

Remain OpenAPI Studio 2.1.0 release: ( A fully detailed list with visuals can be found here )

  • Full-fledged Testing Capabilities
    • HTTP Request Client: with all needed input and explanatory output UI.
    • Test your whole OpenAPI requests in one go. Or pick just one request or method to test
    • Flexibility to save and organize your test cases and test suites 
  • Mock-server
    • Fully integrated and locally served auto-mock server
    • Auto-mock server that handles requests, callbacks, validates path and incoming parameters and generates a mock response based on the definitions in your OpenAPI document
    • Run your Remain API test against the auto-mock server
  • Schema XML Representation
    • We've introduced a new tab so that you can define a schema's XML data format
  • Global Tags
    • We've introduced a new tab: Tags, where global tags can be viewed/edited. Overriding tags on the operation level has been improved.
  • Global Responses: You can now define global responses and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document to avoid repetition and double maintenance.
  • Global Callbacks: Now, it's possible to define global callbacks and easily reuse them elsewhere in your OpenAPI document.
  • Inline Schema Attributes
    • It's possible now to view/edit an inline schema in the Attributes view.
  • Documentations & Configurations Generation
    • Documentations and configurations can now be generated from your OAS3 document.
  • View Docs In Browser
    • The generated docs can also be served and viewed in the browser for ease of use.
  • Component Source Code
    • For more development focus, it's now possible to select one component (e.g., schema, path, operation, security scheme, tag, or server) and view its source code in the component source view. You can also toggle between Yaml and JSON by using the local menu.
  • Schema Required Properties
    • You can now view/edit the required properties of a schema.
  • Schema Attributes
    • The attributes tab has been polished. Now, it shows only relevant fields to the selected schema. Additionally, we've added the enum and example fields.
  • Parameter Style And Explode Fields
    • We've added support for the parameter style and explode fields.
  • Attributes View Revamp
    • We've extended the Schema Attributes view with these three tabs: Properties, Additional Properties, XML, and Discriminator tabs so that you can view/edit an inline schema and drill down schema properties.
  • Parameter Content-type
    • We now support parameter content type definitions for more granular parameter type control.
  • Schema Example Generation
    • You can let our OpenAPI studio generate a precise mock example for your schema with one click.
  • Web OpenAPI Editor
    • We're offering a web OpenAPI editor. We've augmented and integrated the Swagger web editor. You can now edit your OpenAPI document from this locally served web editor as well, using your favorite web theme, and save your changes back.
  • JSON from/to Yaml
    • With one click, you can now convert your document format between JSON and Yaml without affecting your current document as a new one with the same name and a  different extension (.json/.yaml) will be generated for you.
  • External Schema Reference
    • In addition to the current internal schema referencing (schemas in the same document), you can now refer to an external schema, be it on the same file system or remote on another server. A referenced schema data is automatically fetched and shown (currently read-only mode) in views as if it's an internal schema.
  • Response Headers
    • We've added support for response headers.
  • Schema Discriminator
    • We've added support for the schema discriminator object and mappings.
  • We've also implemented many backend enhancements and fixed many open issues

Eclipse Installation

As an alternative to the stand-alone installation, the OpenAPI Studio is also available at Eclipse Marketplace and can be installed inside any Eclipse flavor. The Remain OpenAPI Studio Plugin supports all major versions of Eclipse and Eclipse Derived Products on all platforms where Eclipse is available (Windows, Linux, and Apple OSX).

  • You may drag the "Install" button below into your Eclipse or RDI to begin the installation process

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client


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