Always moving forward: TD/OMS V13.0.2

We are happy to have you here to announce the new improvements and enhancements to our in-house developed solution TD/OMS. You make it easy and worthwhile for us to challenge ourselves and work harder to make our solutions perform better and adapt to our customer's needs. Remain with us because we'll be back with more: remember it's only the first step towards the big version release scheduled each summer. Here's what you need to know about the 2nd Milestone of TD/OMS V13!

MiWorkplace V1.25.0 brings new integrations

Since Remain Software acquired MiWorkplace last year, we've been working on ways to improve it and integrate it within our solutions portfolio. The focus of this second milestone has been on integration and the addition of a wide range of new features designed to make the use of the development environment more intuitive and functional. Stay here to read all that's new with the editor and what's coming in the new version!

Remain API Studio just got even better on V2.0.1

As the month of November approaches every year, so does the first of our promised quarterly delivered releases. And this time we could barely wait to share what's new for our Remain API Studio. From design to code-generation to testing, your vision and objectives will be backed by this rich visual editor, now with many more features and new enhancements designed to make your work easier. We've been working hard to make this robust and intuitive OAS 3.0 spec-compliant development environment the best out there, so here's what's new.

It's here: Gravity V6 Milestone 1

We are happy to announce that Gravity is now available in V6 Milestone 1! It’s, as always, only the first step towards the big release scheduled each summer. This new milestone features enhancements whose purpose is to increase user-friendliness and expand the already huge advantages of our in-house developed project and workflow management solution. We would like to thank you for your ongoing trust and support, even in these trying times. You make it easy and worthwhile for us to challenge ourselves every day in order to deliver the best results. And we will keep earning that trust with each new release. For now, keep reading to find out about all the new features and enhancements.

It's here: TD/OMS V13 Milestone 1

We promised to help our customers embrace change while remaining in control with ever-improving solutions, and for many years now we've been delivering our releases timely and efficiently. Today is no exception, which is why we're here again, happy to present the first milestone of TD/OMS V13! Among its many enhancements, Milestone 1 features will help you streamline efficiency, boost productivity and achieve our common ultimate goal: Help you produce better code in a shorter amount of time. Read on for an overview of the new additions and improvements to our leading solution TD/OMS.

Remain Focused With Total Project Management Oversight

"Fall" for the features and land in good hands with Gravity V5.1. Since natural laws don't always apply favorably to workflow and project- and ticket-management, we apply the powerful elements of increased productivity, visibility and collaboration with Gravity. Today's release delivers new features and enhancements.

Remain API Studio General Availability for REST API Development

We are excited to announce our general availability of our in-house developed Remain API Studio, available to all in search of leading-edge solutions for REST API development!

TD/OMS Release Enhances Analysis, Testing and Integration for ALM

With the release of TD/OMS V12.1 we respond in the true spirit of developer-to-developer engineering to our customers' needs and the ever-advancing industry trends. You'll find this new version full of features and enhancements designed and built to help make your life easier.

Milestone 3 Release Enhances Software Development, Change, and Workflow for IBM i and Multi-Platform Environments

We are committed to ongoing support of your business, and more so in these trying times. It's now more important than ever to keep evolving, adapting and growing to meet our customers' needs — your needs. And thanks to your support and feedback, we're not only able to do so, but also to do it in a timely and efficient way. Today we present TD/OMS and Gravity current-version Milestone 3. Check out what's new and how it'll help you continue to move forward along the road to your success!

Gravity V5 Milestone 2 Increases Efficiency, Productivity and Progress in DevOps and Workflow

You asked, and Gravity V5 Milestone 2 delivers. Featuring enhancements to increase the user-friendliness and expand the advantages of overall utilization of our in-house-developed, signature project-workflow-management solution, Gravity V5 Milestone 2 is designed to appeal to your collective sense of overall workflow satisfaction and straightforward results.