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TD/OMS supports Git

Git is a leading source control platform that changes the way we work together developing software. TD/OMS, our in-house-developed DevOps and ALM solution, easily interfaces with Git and several web-based Git repositories, including GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket. Although these solutions shine best in open-source development communities, the power can also be used by IBM i developers. TD/OMS, our signature change-management software, integrates with many of the Git applications and enables an end-to-end deployment platform leveraging both tools. 

Introducing Git 

Git  is a free and open-source distributed version-control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is easy to learn and has a small footprint with lightning-fast performance. 

Git overview



"Today our customers can experience a seamless integration with Git and other web-based Git repositories with our ALM solution TD/OMS. The Git interfaces enable you to view the linked tasks/requests under your issues or pull requests from TD/OMS and vice versa. All working in the TD/OMS perspective, you can do it all in one UI".

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10 Git core concepts for IBM i developers


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