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TD/OMS v16.1 New Release

Wednesday, July 03, 2024
Remain New release

See the major updates below in the new release, to learn directly from Remain Software's CTO Wim Jongman. Register for the upcoming webinar on July 17, 2024.
Remain Software's Chief Technology Officer, Wim Jongman invites you to an exclusive webinar showcasing the groundbreaking features of their latest TD/OMS V16.1 release. This is your opportunity to get a firsthand look at the future of IBM i application development and learn how this transformative update can propel your business to new heights of efficiency and productivity.



Remain Software Supercharges Efficiency with TD/OMS V16.1 Release

Our latest release, TD/OMS 16.1, is delivered with a number of great new features. Just as a basketball player can elevate their game with a spectacular dunk, this update takes application lifecycle management to new places, enabling developers to leap over obstacles and slam-dunk their projects with efficiency.

Cover Milestone 3 v16.1

Unleash Development Speed and Efficiency with TD/OMS v16.1!

TD/OMS V16.1 introduces enhancements that transform the development process:

  • A new Web Development environment called Octo provides a seamless, zero-install development experience.
  • Extended SSL configuration options for REST server instances, enhancing security and flexibility.
  • Updated REST API documentation, simplifying integration and development.
  • New CLI and REST APIs for various functions, significantly expanding automation capabilities.
  • Integrated support for Visual Studio Code (VS Code), allowing developers to leverage the popular code editor
  • Major GUI improvements, including fixes for application interface issues and enhanced tree node comparisons.
  • Server-side enhancements, such as improved checkout and promotion capabilities for IFS objects.

These features collectively streamline the entire application lifecycle, enabling faster build, deployment, and management processes.

The release also addresses issues and enhances functionalities within both TD/OMS and Octo, ensuring greater stability and a better user experience. With these upgrades, developers can now build, deploy, and manage applications faster, maneuvering as swiftly as a point guard weaving through defenders to score.

By focusing on user-experience and cutting-edge technologies, Remain Software continues to push the boundaries of application lifecycle management.

This release is culmination of three previous release milestones which are documented below.

Milestone 1

Milestone 2

Milestone 3

New and Noteworthy in TD/OMS V16.1

Web Support

Did you know that your favorite change management system now comes with a brand new Web Development environment. Our Web Framework is called Octo and with Octo we are geared towards a zero install development experience.

We still support our rich client and RDi, because these are still the best option for power users. Also the green screen and VSCode are part of the UI mix.

image 1

VSCode Integration

We have officially released our VSCode extension. In order to use it you have to setup your Octo environment. Please reach out to us if you need help.

vscode integrationvscode integration

I02741 - Allow the creation of SSL rest server instances

The command CFGRESTSRV has been extended to allow SSL configurations.


I02716 - REST API Documentation

The REST API documentation is up to date. For more Information, you can see REST APIs documentation.



We are moving all TD/OMS business logic into separate programs for our back-end modernization project. These APIs can also be called using a command with the same name. To access additional information about these APIs, please click on the link below.



We have developed a set of new REST APIs. To access additional information about these APIs, please click on the link below.


Dependency Charts

In the Web or VSCode, find the components menu to open the dependency chart.


This will open the tree chart.



New and Noteworthy in OCTO V1.3.0

Dependency Charts

We are proud to present a depdendency visualization engine with the following initial options. The plugin will be automatically installed when the 'Dependency Chart' action is selected for a component.

  • Tree Visualization
  • Bar Visualization
  • Treemap Visualization

The tree visualization collapses and expands when you click on a node. Use the expand/collapse toolbar item to expand and collapse the entire tree.


The bar visualization shows a level at the time. Click on a bar to drill down. Click outside the chart to drill up.


Kanban improvements

The Kanban board has been improved in the following areas

  • Drill down on the item
  • Improved speed
  • Deployment improvements
  • Transit Column for underway and locked tasks, and tasks with deplopyment issues.
solution another task

Move solution to another task

We can move the solutions to another task in VSCode and the Web.

Change the solution type

We can change the solution type in VSCode and the Web.

change solution image

Disconnect solutions from the task

We can disconnect the solutions (and optionally delete the objects and source from disk) in VSCode and the Web.

Assign/Unassign Programmer

We can assign or unassign the programmer from the task in VSCode and the Web.

Complete Task

We can complete the task from the task in VSCode and the Web.

Please Access the Pages and Full Release Notes Here!


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