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Always advancing, as promised: Milestone 1 is here

Wednesday, October 06, 2021
The holiday period is over and we are back strong as ever, ready to deliver fresh innovations and features, as we promised to do every quarter.
The result? The first milestone of our solutions is here, packed with new enhancements. TD/OMS in its version 14 brings enhanced transfer progress, the possibility to export spooled files to PDF, a new API specification that's not based on a file that can be created from the main toolbar, an upgraded TimeFlash RapidFire interface, and much more. Remain API Studio 3.0.1 allows you to validate schemas, object information, paths and operations, global and operation responses and requests, and more. And Xref has been significantly enhanced! If you want to know more, keep reading and find out here.

New in TD/OMS V14.0.1

Export spooled files to PDF

Spooled files can now be exported to PDF.

Transfer progress

The transfer progress has been enhanced. Now:

  • The transfer progress is hidden when the transfer is scheduled and,
  • It shows actual progress.


Comment Enhancements

When longer texts are pasted as a comment they are no longer wrapped to 70 positions but retain the original formatting as much as possible.

Comments can be created via the new 'Comments' view. Press CTRL+3 and type 'comments', or use the 'Show in...' menu. Comments can be applied to a:

  • Request.
  • Task.
  • Solution.
  • Object.



Multi Selection Actions

The 'Delete Branch' dialog is now available for when multiple branches or one branch filter is selected. We did the same for 'Complete Task'. It allows closing multiple tasks at once.

Clear fallback

The clear of the historic fallback information has to be done on a regular basis to avoid excessive disk space usage, and with the CLRFBSOMS command, you can batch delete old data.

The command has been enhanced so that now it allows:

  • Cleanup of fallback in all applications.
  • TD/OMS manager to run the command, even if the manager has no application access.

You can find more information here: Command Clear Fall Back Save library.

Upgraded to RapidFire 5.0.20

The TimeFlash RapidFire interface has been upgraded to work with version 5.0.20.

You can find more information in TimeFlash RapidFire Interface, as well as the RapidFire interface documentation, which has been completed.

License fields are remembered

The license and contact information in the OpenAPI specs are now remembered for the next API. The information is entered in the new OpenAPI Specification wizard.

Compilation hook

In rare cases, it is required to be able to hook into the compilation process just before the compile instruction is executed. The execution of the compilation instructions has been moved to the user program OMC022EXC.

You can hook into the compilation process by changing this program, and the source of it can be found in the QUSRSRC file.

Change to *Compile

When a solution is changed to compile in solution maintenance green screen, the source processing stays on '1'.

This can cause the production source to be replaced when moving from development to test.

A patch has been made available for this issue for all V13 and V14 users.


Create an empty OpenAPI Specification

If you want to start a new API specification that's not based on a file, you can use the main toolbar action to create it. To do so:

  • First, select the task that you want to connect the spec to.
  • Click the action in the toolbar.
  • Check the checkbox to create a simple specification.

New in Remain API Studio V3.0.1

Introducing The API Detective 

No more mistakes in your specification. The API Detective will find and let you know if there are any issues. You just need to press the 'detective' icon on the top right to see if your spec conforms to OpenAPI best practices.

The API can inspect the following parts of the spec:

  • Schemas validation

  • Paths & Operations validation

  • Global and operation parameters validation

  • Global and operation responses validation

  • Validate the global and operation responses.

And many more enhancements and issues resolved!

Thank you for your ongoing trust and feedback.

As always, it's our pleasure to support you and your business with our ever-improving solutions.

We're prepared for your next step

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