Connected development: Release of Gravity V 3.1

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Please press the button below to join the final release party that will be streaming live on YouTube on 21 of June, 2018 at 16.00 CET.

The final release event invitation

Some highlights of the new release are:

OSGi console in Gravity

There are new updates with the OSGi console in Gravity. These updates enable to execute OSGi commands using a web-based console;

View server log from the web

It is possible to read/download Gravity logs using the web client;


Provide role with basic authorities

 Work management basic capabilities can be easily added to a role;

Cassandra web client UI

A web client UI is available to check the Cassandra server status and to stop or start it (Gravity uses Cassandra for its caching system);

From Flash based copy-to-clipboard to HTML5

Moved from Flash-based copy-to-clipboard to native HTML 5. The main reasons are: 

  • not reliable
  • being dropped by major browsers;


Updated role definitions

The following special users can be assigned to a role:

  • Item assignee
  • Item creator
  • Item reporter
  • Item contributors;


The Xref UI allows a user to query the cross-reference database and see the results of the query in the Xref view (see more information on Xref);

Authority check

Authority check has been moved to Cassandra to improve Gravity user-experience. The manual clearing option has been made available in the Gravity web client;

Attachment capabilities

A Role can be provided with the following capabilities:

  • add attachment
  • read attachment
  • update attachment
  • update own attachment
  • delete attachment
  • delete own attachment

WARNING: These capabilities have no default value. This means that you need to assign these capabilities to the required roles otherwise no one is able to work with attachments;

Analytics Tags

  • You can use tags in analytics for finer data display
  • It is possible to visualize a filter in analytics directly from the filter itself;

Added a button to reload/replace master templates

A button has been added to reload and replace the master event templates without the need for manual deletion and Gravity restart;

Added a purge action to remove items in batch

A menu option has been added to forcibly purge all items in a filter or some selected items. You must be logged in as admin for the purge action to be available;

Change the item type

A menu option has been added to change the item type from all items in a filter or some selected items. You must be logged in as admin. This can be used to move items from one type to another;

LDAP synchronization

Additional LDAP configuration settings are introduced to support synchronization. This means that users that are no longer in the LDAP will be discontinued in the Gravity administration automatically;

Default Sort on Gravity Authorities

The following changes are added to the authorities view:

  • Sort on the item name
  • Filter all authorized items
  • Search for item name;

Gravity clients are shipped with Java 8

Gravity depends on Java 8 for both client and server installs. When you update the server, make sure that Java 8 is installed and configured correctly on your server;

User actions

The following actions are required:

  • If you have already upgraded to version 3.0.1 before the official release, you need to run a forced database update (how can you tell):
  • You need to run the Gravity Server and Client with Java 8. This might require installing a licensed program on the IBM i. A description of how to download and install Java 7/8 can be found here
  • If you install Gravity in RDi you need to upgrade RDi to version
  • If you run Gravity on the IBM i you need to install TD/OMS version 10.0.1 or request the Gravity Base savefile from Remain separately
  • If you run the Gravity server on the IBM i you need to reinstall the Gravity Base scripts with INZOMSSVR *GRAVITY while the server is down;


For more information about the improvements, see Remain WIKI

Enjoy the final release 2018