Deployment To Any Target, Any System Is Now Available From Remain Software

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Although no bells were ringing for the occasion, we are happy to announce the upgrade of our Software Change Management Solution TD/OMS for non IBM i distribution. The new features make deployment to Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac-OS fully supported. The delivery of a Solaris distribution client rounds up Remain Software offerings. Support for other platforms, now easily provided, as the base software is the same for all platforms.

Client Deployment is an add-on module for TD/OMS. It is used to collect objects from and distribute objects to client machines. The objects that are under control of TD/OMS are stored on the IBM i Integrated File System (IFS). A graphical representation of the product is shown below. 

Remain Software supports automatic deployment to the Tomcat and Websphere application servers and deployment to LANSA based applications ‘out of the box’. Within no time DLL’s, EAR’s and WAR’s can be automatically deployed to their target application servers.

The distribution mechanism itself is an open ended framework, meaning that it can be extended as required and can do anything that is required. The end goal of the mechanism is to provide automatic deployment to any target environment on any system. This could be LANSA application on Windows or a web based application on a Linux machine. What is the value of fully automatic application deployment? The answer is really simple. It brings significant benefits to business:

  • Shorter deploy cycles = more agile = less downtime= high productivity,
  • Less people actively involved = less stress = less errors = high quality software,
  • Centralized distribution and monitoring = less coordination required = easy management.

“If you have people running around updating your (web) applications by hand, then it is time to look at what TD/OMS Non- IBM i Distribution can do for you.” – summarizes Marco Kok, Managing Director of Remain Software.